The Importance and Future of Drone in Cargo Transportation

Considering the technological developments in the world; The cargo drones are becoming an important part of the rapidly expanding modern logistics industry. Cargo transportation is rapidly shifting from traditional standards to new generation transportation vehicles. Our project; We will touch upon the future of this new cargo transportation type that is developing rapidly and its future cannot be ignored.

A comprehensive description of Drone’s impact on the cargo transport sector and its future strategies is presented below.

2.1 Drone in military use
This section is particularly concerned with military aircraft where the literature is much wider and the research has been active for decades. The difference between military drones and civilian vehicles is that they provide a refueling rather than a rechargeable battery, so both durability and speed make a difference (Savuran and Karakaya, 2015).

2.2 Drone Transportation in Health
This chapter contains information on the use and importance of drone transport in the health sector.

3.1 Beginning of Cargo Transportation with Drone
With Drone, Amazon was the first to carry cargo to its customers in Cambridge. This has been a success and has been a major step forward in Amazon’s plans to deploy drone.

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3.2 Countries where Drone is used in cargo transportation
The regions in which the Drone is used most nowadays are countries in the African continent. Most of the drone use in this region is carried out for humanitarian purposes; America, Australia, Iceland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom is used in cargo transportation. Prime Air has drone development centers in the US, UK, Austria and Israel.

4.1 Security in Cargo Transportation with Drone
With drone, safety in cargo transportation is one of the biggest problems. Many studies are carried out on security. In recent years, Amazon has announced that it has done a lot of work for safety in cargo transport with the drone. In 2017, Amazon regularly reviews the security reports generated in test flights at Stansted and Conwall Airports in London.

4.2 Security of Drone
The drones do not jeopardize the safety of the other transport vehicles, as well as their own safety during the flight.

4.3 Security of Transported Package
Amazon; From the panent and trade mark office of USA, with the drone and package service, it has received the approval of parachute delivery for safety. (CNN, 2017)

4.4 Drone Cyber ​​Security
Cyber ​​security experts work against the possibility of drone attack and external control. The drones are called dan dronejacking ’’ the interception of the drones by external intervention Dr. Even if it has a small size and useful structure, it becomes an easy target for hackers from the moment it goes flying.

5.1 Food Transport with Drone
The competition in the ready-made food sector has finally led to drone-delivery deliveries. Fast-food companies have started their delivery with drone in accordance with the demand of customers in order to deliver their orders shorter and the delivery time of the orders they gave, and it was concluded that the fastest delivery in today’s conditions was carried out with drone.

5.2 Illegal Use of Drone
The biggest problem with Drone is seen as illegal transportation as one of the biggest problems in cargo transportation. The biggest problem is that even if the drone is caught in an illegal transport, the identity of the person carrying the transport cannot be found, and this keeps the identities of the real criminals.

6.1 Milk-Run Drone Transport
Milk-Run; It is a logistic system inspired by the fact that a milkman delivers milk loaded to his vehicle to the distribution points and collects the empty milk bottles from the same points on his return and returns to the milk facility. In general terms, the producer company supplies its products from the suppliers in the scope of a specific system, the supply of the supplied products to the manufacturer’s facility.



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