Military Logistics Support Services and Future of Drone



1.1 Place of Drone in Transportation

Considering technological developments in developing global markets; cargo drones are becoming an important part of the modern logistics industry. Cargo transportation is rapidly shifting from traditional standards to the next generation of transport vehicles.

1.2. The Future of Drone in Transport

One of the problems with drone transportation is the drone’s route point density. The fact that the drone prototypes that will carry out the transportation process today are designed for single package delivery has created the need for a separate carrier drone for each shipment. It is predicted that this will affect the drone traffic in the sky and the loss of time and energy on the routes the drone hits. The most important solution to this problem is the idea of adapting the milk-run system to the drone transport industry.

1.3. Drone’s Usage Areas Today for Logistics Purposes

The first attempt to transport cargo with drone was made by Amazon. Amazon, which started trials in Cambridge, made an experiment to provide mail delivery via drone. This trial was a success and marked a major step forward in Amazon’s drone distribution plans.

Flytrex Transport Drone
Argodesign Quadcopter Drone Ambulance
Argodesign Quadcopter Drone Ambulance, Accident Site


2. Use Of Drone in the Military Area

2.1 Use of Drone in Military Field

The use of drone in the military field is the drone transportation type that has been invested most recently. The US army makes the most investments in drone transportation in the military field. The American Army is carrying out drone works that can carry large loads, jointly with the Boing Company. Boeing’s first cargo plane prototype — the largest drone prototype ever built, was Godzilla. The world’s largest aviation company believes autonomous civil drones are the future of commercial shipping.

2.2. Importance of Military Drones in Logistic Support

The JTARV is a military transport drone equipped with equipment that can be the backbone of battlefield support for the US military. The military transport drone, called the Joint Tactical Air Vehicle or JTARV and developed at the Army Research Laboratory, is compared to the “Amazon on the battlefield”. With a single command, the soldiers needed can be supplied by the drone wherever they are. (ARL Magazine)

JTARV Hoverbike
JTARV Hoverbike Test

2.3. The Future of Military Drones in Terms of Logistics Support

Several drone companies are doing a lot of work on the development of drones for cargo transportation in the military field.

2.4 Askeri Drone’lar ile Askeri Mühimmat ve Tıbbi Malzeme Sevkiyatı

Frontline soldiers will be supported by Amazon Prime Air type delivery drones under new programs approved by the US Department of Defense.

2.5. Effects of Military Transport Drones on the Terrorist Threat

Terror has become the common problem of all countries in the 21st century. Particularly in Africa, the Middle East and our country is a major threat in Turkey’s geography. The country lost more soldiers in the 21st century is the fight against terrorism in Turkey.

K-Max Unmanned Transport Vehicle
K-Max Usage Plan


The USA, which is the most active use of unmanned transport drones in the military field, minimizes human loss and loss of time in transportation in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and Syria. As of 2018, besides the US army, the Israeli and British military also use drones for military purposes. Many countries also make large investments and carry out R&D studies for unmanned transport drones.



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