Military Logistics Support Services and Future of Drone



1.1 Place of Drone in Transportation

1.2. The Future of Drone in Transport

1.3. Drone’s Usage Areas Today for Logistics Purposes

Flytrex Transport Drone
Argodesign Quadcopter Drone Ambulance
Argodesign Quadcopter Drone Ambulance, Accident Site


2. Use Of Drone in the Military Area

2.1 Use of Drone in Military Field

2.2. Importance of Military Drones in Logistic Support

JTARV Hoverbike
JTARV Hoverbike Test

2.3. The Future of Military Drones in Terms of Logistics Support

2.4 Askeri Drone’lar ile Askeri Mühimmat ve Tıbbi Malzeme Sevkiyatı

2.5. Effects of Military Transport Drones on the Terrorist Threat

K-Max Unmanned Transport Vehicle
K-Max Usage Plan





Entrepreneur. Master’s Degree: Entrepreneurship

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Ahmet Konak

Ahmet Konak

Entrepreneur. Master’s Degree: Entrepreneurship

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